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  • KOTIS Ltd. Company KOTIS Ltd. specializes in development, export and import of display and exhibition systems. Our main program is the development and manufacture of museum exhibition system HLS and the role of an exclusive supplier to a German company GLASBAU HAHN – a world producer of museum display cases and equipment.

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    HAHN-HLS System-Cases Worldwide:
    German company Glasbau HAHN is the exlusive supplier of display s cases HAHN-HLS worldwide.
    f Company APIMEX is the HAHN-HLS distributor in France.
    fi Company Oy John Berger AB is the HAHN-HLS distributor in Finland.
    s Company Object Secur is the HAHN-HLS distributor in Switzerland.
    c The predecessor of the HAHN-HLS was a display case HAHN-LOUDA of a Czech Company Jan Louda.
    Presentation Systems HAHN-HLS On The Internet:
    o Virtual gallery of HAHN-HLS systems at www.glasbau-hahn.de.
    o Configuration manager of HAHN-HLS systems at www.glasbau-hahn.de (requires Flash Player 5).
    o Presentation of HAHN-HLS display case installations at www.museum.com.
    o Presentation of "Militarbibliothek" project at www.objectsecur.ch.