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  • KOTIS Ltd. Company KOTIS Ltd. specializes in development, export and import of display and exhibition systems. Our main program is the development and manufacture of museum exhibition system HLS and the role of an exclusive supplier to a German company GLASBAU HAHN – a world producer of museum display cases and equipment.

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    Company history


        Began an external cooperation of company founders with companies manufacturing display cases.
    1999 First office opened.
    2000 Established Ltd. KOTIS.

    Contract with architect Jan Louda concerning deliveries of engineering services for construction and export of display system HAHN-LOUDA.

    2002 Launched first company web page.
    2003 Termination of contract with Jan Louda. Development of second generation of displays based on system HAHN-LOUDA and preparation of new system manufacture under the trademark HAHN-HLS.
    2004 First delivery of display system HAHN-HLS for GLASBAU HAHN company. Established first own warehouse of material, semi-manufactured goods and finished products.
    2005 Awarded long term, exclusive contract for GLASBAU HAHN for manufacturing and delivery of display systems HAHN-HLS.
    2006  Continue to improve on the display system HAHN-HLS.